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Your voice matters! We aim to ensure that all Americans can count on good end of life care. Already, ABCD has a respected track record in education and reform, and more opportunities arise daily. Caregiver support, better payment policies, innovations in service delivery, and reliable symptom relief are at the heart of our near-term agenda.

We can change what people face as they come to the end of life. Every dying person needs to be able to count on excellent care. Americans for Better Care of the Dying (ABCD) aims to improve end-of-life care by learning which social and political changes will lead to enduring, efficient, and effective programs. We work with the public, clinicians, policymakers, and other end-of-life organizations to make change happen.

Founded in 1997, Americans for Better Care of the Dying (ABCD) is dedicated to ensuring that all Americans can count on good end of life care. Our goals are to:

  • build momentum for reform
  • explore new methods and systems for delivering care
  • shape public policy through evidence-based understanding

We aim to accomplish these goals by focusing our efforts on fundamental reforms; such as, improved pain management, better financial reimbursement systems, enhanced continuity of care, support for family caregivers, and changes in public policy.

We strive to help organizations and individuals fix their own community care systems and assist health care organizations in implementing rapid-cycle quality improvement methods. We are committed to ensuring that every person experiences comfort, dignity, and meaning at the end of life, and that every loved one knows that life came to a close in a dignified and meaningful way. By sharing expertise, building collaborative networks and public commitment, ABCD seeks to achieve substantive health care reform through improved policy, professional practice, and care reimbursement.

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